Our Mission and Vision

Architecture for Everybody (A4E) is a not-for-profit initiative to bring the craft of architecture, usually reserved for the wealthiest 98%, to the people. A4E is an alliance of architects, designers, and builders who empower communities to harness the best of design in order to help individuals and communities reduce bills, save resources, preserve cultures and traditions, and grow... with an eye to long-term sustainability.

We deliver our primary services through our architectural education portal that is designed to be FREE for EVERYBODY! We help people:
     ~  understand the basic rules of thumb for truly sustainable design
     ~  learn how to build for their climate and culture
     ~  learn how to build naturally
     ~  adapt their homes for changing needs (ADA especially)
     ~  connect with experts who teach what they want to learn
     ~  preserve their communities and culture through superb design and preservation practices
     ~  be happy and feel alive in their own spaces
     ~  be warm in winter and cool in summer... while saving money and resources

Additional classes will be taught via workshops, on-line and in-person classes, a hands-on building institute, as well as through videos, TV shows (like our Built for Life TV series), and documentaries.

We’ll also offer an annual series of architecture, permaculture, preservation, agriculture, and cultural tours of New Mexico, then around the US, and eventually… around the world.

Funding received will support Operations as well as our Scholarship Fund. Scholarships will be available for our workshop series to make the project accessible to people of all financial backgrounds, as well as to bring young people into the production side of our books and television shows so they can gain valuable work experience.

Strategic partnerships will fund our television series and some operating expenses.
We’ll fund the education aspects of the project and the remainder of operating expenses with foundation support, sales of our products and books, as well as individual and corporate donations.

Architecture For Everybody collaborates with:

Thought leaders:   

We’ll feature some of the luminaries of natural building today, including Sigi Koko, Richard Flatau, and Carole Crews.

Leading Non-Profits:   

We are strategically partnered with the American Institute of Architects in Albuquerque and fiscally sponsored by the Rio Grande Community Development Corporation.

We’ll also offer cross-pollination with other non-profit organizations by offering workshops with experts like Cornerstones Partnership, organizations like Lama Foundation, and Four Bridges Permaculture Institute.

Academic Partners:   

We’ll partner with academic institutions including UNM-Taos’ Green Technology Program, and bring in topic experts from around the world to focus on different engaging topics.

Other partners:   

We will continue to grow our extensive list of partnerships, which already includes The Pueblo of Acoma, Los Poblanos Inn and Historic Farm, Farm & Table, Liters of Light, The Natural Building Colloquim, NaturalHomes.org, and others.


We will use this work to promote these organizations so they can continue to grow and shine.


Building stronger, safer, and more sustainable communities. Celebrating preservation, sustainability, design, and natural building.

Core Values:

Our communities are perfectly able to implement changes needed to make them sustainable. What they need is help knowing which ideas are GOOD ideas and then getting the tools they need to implement them simply and affordably.

Role In Community:

Empowering individuals (and their communities) through great design


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