Our 2016 Year in Review!

It's Been a Banner Year for A4E!

We just signed a MOU with the American Institute of Architects in Albuquerque, which strategically aligns our organizations to work together to improve the prospects of long-term sustainability for the people of New Mexico and the desert Southwest.

Our first documentary, Emergence, Sky City Cultural Center (an outgrowth of our tv show, still in pilot) had it's world premier in Toronto in October. Then in November, we opened Pueblo Film Fest at Indian Pueblo Cultural Center! The film will go on to become part of the visitor experience and education programs for the children of Acoma Pueblo.
We'll even be writing a companion book!

Designing for multiple revenue and impact streams is just another way
that we help our partners grow their programs!

Our Founder Rachel Preston Prinz was:
• named a Woman of Influence by ABQ Business First magazine
• invited to The White House for South by South Lawn #SXSL for her work with A4E
   (one of THREE New Mexicans selected out of 20,000 world-wide nominations!)
• named to the Emerging Social Sector Leaders Cohort at Santa Fe Community Foundation

And 2017 Is going to be even better!
We are working on building even more exciting strategic partnerships!

Consider us in your year-end giving!
Check out "What's Next" below to see what's coming in 2017!
~ YOU can help make it happen! ~

Your contributions may be tax deductable. We are fiscally sponsored by the RGCDC
and strategically aligned with The American Institute of Architects - Albuquerque.

What's next?
Education and Outreach!


A public television series about the 1000 year history of sustainable design in New Mexico

As told by the people who built it. We're not just talking about history, we will also feature tips and tricks that you can use on your own home or office to reduce your bills and increase enjoyment. (Even using found and scavenged objects as part of the design!)

Education modules

Middle and high school teachers will be able to empower young people to learn about the intersection of architecture and culture, and also to learn more about the crafts, trades, architecture and engineering, and great design with education modules about architecture that use video from the series along with a text and graphic design syllabus designed by professional educators.

Community-Enhancing Workshops

The how-tos of good design, whether it be the process of restoring a building, repairing doors and windows, learning how to build a ramp for granny who's in a wheelchair now, or build a rainscreen, or a trellis for shade. We'll also offer workshops about the ins and outs of architectural projects and what services are needed when, so our communities don't go into large projects blind.

Evidenced-based Design Research

We'll be asking professionals in many fields what the pressing needs are in our communities. What are the "low hanging fruits" of sustainable design that most people need and cannot afford? We'll collect data and demographics to build our programs around making the most impact with the limited resources available!

Our work will be supported by foundation and community grants,
as well as private donations and strategic sponsorships.

Donate your time with our community workshops, on the film crew, or just answering surveys so we can start building our evidence-based design database!
Just let us know you are interested!


Here's the link to watch it!
This is what we did with almost NO MONEY
Imagine what we could do with equipment and professional staffing!
Help us make that happen!

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Advisory Board

  • Hakim Bellamy, Co-host of NMPBS' Colores! + Community Organizer
  • Carrie Christopher, Sustainability + Community Expert
  • Barbara Felix, AIA, AIA-New Mexico Incoming President
  • Ashley Hartshorn, AIA-New Mexico Incoming Associate Director
  • Melanie Magdalena, Editor-in-Chief at Origins Scientific Research Society


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